The power of avatars in dentistry – Sneak peek of Insights 2024 in Mallorca

If you’re like me, and you’re passionate about innovation, technology, and meeting awesome people who are trying to change the world of dentistry and how we really revolutionize a trip to the dentist, then I’m here to invite you exocad Insights 2024 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, May 9-10. Can’t wait to see you there!

Revolutionizing Collaboration with the iTero-exocad Connector™

The iTero-exocad Connector™ is reshaping the landscape of seamless workflows in dentistry. With the MyiTero™ portal, doctors can conveniently share external case-related files, including images, videos, and X-rays, fostering a new era of communication. Dr. Diana Tadros, a renowned cosmetic dentist from Florida, USA, highlights the transformative impact of this bi-directional case communication on doctor/lab […]

Comprehensive dentistry from the perspective of Dr. Elaine Halley, UK

“I believe it’s the responsibility of the general dentist to diagnose and to see everything that’s going on in a patient’s mouth…and what the consequences of non-treatment or nonintervention might be.”

Comprehensive dentistry from the perspective of Dr. Nimmi Holstein, Denmark

“The thing that I like about [Invisalign treatment] is that you can pre-align teeth before you do any kind of restorative work…You offer a better basis for oral health.”

Comprehensive dentistry from the perspective of Dr. Mark Sebastien, Germany

“Dental health and aesthetics come side by side. If we have aesthetic teeth they are normally in perfect function, and if we just focus on function, we [normally] get perfectly aesthetic results.”

Comprehensive dentistry from the perspective of Dr. Gianluca Plotino, Italy

“The link between malocclusion and dental hygiene is very strict … We have a responsibility to suggest the best treatment plan possible to our patients, without any bias … from a knowledge point of view of the professional.”