Revolutionizing Collaboration with the iTero-exocad Connector™


The iTero-exocad Connector™ is reshaping the landscape of seamless workflows in dentistry. With the MyiTero™ portal, doctors can conveniently share external case-related files, including images, videos, and X-rays, fostering a new era of communication.

Dr. Diana Tadros, a renowned cosmetic dentist from Florida, USA, highlights the transformative impact of this bi-directional case communication on doctor/lab collaboration. She emphasizes how it enhances her ability to educate patients on achievable treatment outcomes and how upon receiving scan data, exocad-enabled labs with DentalCAD can leverage iTero™ intraoral camera images to validate margins and iTero™ NIRI images to visualize tooth structure.

This integrated approach not only streamlines processes but also elevates the precision and efficiency of the restorative workflow.

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